NEW Winter Market At the Salina Fieldhouse!

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Meet our Farm to Fork producers committed to growing healthy local food.
Salina Fieldhouse

1st & 3rd Tuesdays 4-7p.m.

9th & Grand

Closed for the Season

329 N 9th

Closed for the Season

460 S Ohio

Saturdays 7:30-11a.m.

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Buy Local! Here's why...

Working to build a healthy Kansas food economy.
About us

“We envision a Kansas food and farming system that will increase our residents’ access to and consumption of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and a variety of protein sources – both at home and in food outlets.” — Feeding Kansas, Kansas Rural Center 2014

  • How can $5 = $750 Million?

    If every Kansas resident purchased just $5 of food direct from Kansas farms each week, those farms would earn $750 million in new revenue – according to research conducted by the Crossroads Resource Center (Meter, 2014).

  • For Healthier Families

    The 2016 Kansas County Health rankings showed Saline county in the bottom half. Saline ranked 61st out of 101 counties surveyed.

  • 100% Locally Produced

    All vendors are within a 60 mile radius of their market.